Written Practical Examination (SPM 2015)

The new Biology practical examination paper (Paper 3) which was supposed to start in 2015 has been postponed to 2016. Students who are sitting for SPM this year will be sitting for the old format of Paper 3 (Written practical exam). I have uploaded the answering techniques for written practical exam. Check out the “Biology Notes” column.


Human digestive system

Get notes on human digestive system from “Form 4 notes”

Photosynthesis and enzyme notes

I have added Photosynthesis  and enzyme notes. Check out “Form 4 Notes”

SPM 1975

Hi there…..I have uploaded the Biology practical examination question from the year 1975! Refer to “Biology Notes” column and you can download the question there with the answers. It is a guide for students and teachers. Bear in mind that the question format is is not the same for the new practical examination which will be starting in 2015. The new format emphasizes on variables, operational definition, inference etc.I will upload the past examination papers gradually.

Check out the Biology Notes column. Here you can get the common apparatus used in the lab.

Biology – Paper 3

Starting from 2015, SPM Biology students will be sitting for practical examination and the paper is called Paper 3. I have uploaded some of the past Biology practical examination papers starting from 1975!

Paper 3-practical exam pdf

Homework – 21/7/14

Thank you so much Vyasar ….I did not realize that you have done this paper before.

Therefore, I am changing the questions. So please do this set of questions and submit to me by 8.10 am on Tuesday(22/7/14). Do inform your other friends.

Thank you.


Mr Suresh Kumar Joseph

Biology Worksheet